A Group of Independent Specialty Companies

Many businesses grow by purchasing existing companies. The Partners at AltairStrickland Group (legally known as AltairStrickland Holdings, LLC) do things a little differently. We personally invest in talented individuals who want to start their own businesses. Buying expensive equipment and bankrolling a payroll requires a lot of money. So, we invest in these people and their abilities. Such is the case with Tiger Tower Services, Diamond Refractory and Turnaround Welding Services. The companies of the AltairStrickland Group operate independently of each other with a President over each company but they are also able to work together to execute critical projects and turnarounds for the refining, petrochemical, fertilizer and power industries. This combination brings the client a specialist in their field with higher productivity and quality and the efficiency of a single point of contact.


The AltairStrickland Group consists of five companies and one joint venture:

AltairStrickland is a company within the Group as well as Turnaround Welding Services, Diamond Refractory Services, and Tiger Tower Services. By forming the Group, we could help the growing companies continue to grow with the help of outside capital. Please visit the individual sites of each company for an extensive profile of their services.

We also saw that several tasks were being duplicated such as marketing and bookkeeping. By centralizing these tasks, response time could be made faster and savings could be realized. By joining these companies together we also gain several core groups of specialists in the industry thereby being able to offer the A teams of each group to our customers to perform flawless projects and turnarounds.